Kids' Corner | Meet Our Youngest Team

KIDS' CORNER | Some great action from last weekend's junior games within. Goals, photos and plenty more! Read on here:

Our youngest team have come in in leaps and bounds as we discover in this week’s editions of Kids’ Corner.

Our under-8 White team continues to defy expectations under coach Rob Stipanic.

The kids have been fantastic this season and are our featured team this week.

There is plenty of football to get excited about as the season approaches the half-way point and with school holidays just around the corner, we must remind you of our upcoming school holiday clinic.

Senior and under-14 blues coach Vaughan Coveny, a former New Zealand international and all-time leading goalscorer, will be running a clinic these school holidays.

Participants will get access to two fantastic days of training under Vaughan's guidance and is a great way to keep the kids active over the break.

Book your spot HERE.

The Royals also announced the return of the Essendon Royals Technical Football Program.

This program is run by our B Licensed coaches Matt Conservano and Johnno Clemente, who also oversees the Royals senior women's program.

The Technical Football program is an eight-week program running every Wednesday.

Sign up HERE.

Under-8 White

Coached By: Rob Stipanic

Team Sponsors: Lights, Lights, Lights and Park Balls

The under-8 Whites boast three players who were five at the start of the season, six six-year-olds and just one seven-year-old, but despite their relative youth (even at under-8s!) the boys have shown an amazing appetite for the game.

Coach Rob Stipanic has been blown away by the endeavour of the boys who have shown maturity beyond their age in learning the game of football.

“We are trying even at this young age to make sure they start to understand spacing, running into the open gaps, to spread the play, when to dribble and when to pass.

“It's amazing to see them pick it up in glimpses when the game starts - most rewarding part to see them understand the game strategies

“It also makes you quite proud when several of the opposition coaches mention how small they are but have impressive skills.”

Rob said he has observed an underlying competitiveness in the boys in everything they do, with mini “World Cups” and races particularly popular with the boys who all enjoy the competitive element of training and games.

Rob was also quick to praise the parents involved in the group, who have all dipped into their own pockets to pay for extra training gear.

“I must say I am very lucky to have the parents we have in the group - they have really embraced the club and willing to do anything for the kids,” he said.

“I have to highlight Anthony Magnacca - who is basically another coach, which allows us to spread our attention amongst all the kids - and David Macciocca - team manager who also assists me with coaching.

“All the other parents great, too. We put a request out to have $40 from each kid’s parents to buy two small goals and two large goals and agility sticks and they were all were happy to do so.

“The kids are loving the agility speed work and shooting with the ball hitting the back of the net.”

Not even the rain can stop these kids from training.

“Even when the training was washed out, we organised training at Indoor soccer. Now they want more!”

Rob is hopeful of keeping the group together over the coming years to ensure their continued development.

“I’m looking forward to keeping the kids together next year and seeing them perform when a little older.”

What a team of future champions!

Check out some photos and footage of the team in action below.

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