SPONSOR OFFER - Invest With Realm and Support the Royals

Realm is a proud sponsor of the Essendon Royals

Realm is a proud sponsor of the Essendon Royals

Realm Investment House is proud to make the following offer to Essendon Royals members.

Realm Investment House is pleased to announce that for every Essendon Royal family and/or friend that invests into the Realm Capital Series 2018-1 by June 30 2019, Realm will rebate 0.50% to the club.

Realm Investment House is a highly rated Australian based manager specialising in income focused strategies. With the official cash rate at a record low and forecast to go lower, traditional term based investments are less appealing.

The Capital Series 2018-1 investment in returning a Gross running yield of 8.36% before fees. This is not a traditional mortgage fund where, the fund invests directly into mortgages, quite the contrary, the Fund invests in syndicated bank warehouse facilities (Facilities).

These Facilities are lines of credit which major banks provide senior funding to and the Fund invests alongside or in a junior position to the bank as the senior funder In all cases these Facilities also have equity capital that is funded by the Originator or Sponsor, “skin in the game”  These Facilities have an number of term features which help mitigate risk that can exist when investing in warehouse syndication.

Fund update : https://www.realminvestments.com.au/media/3

Fund Fact Sheet: https://www.realminvestments.com.au/realm-capital-series-download-flyer.shtml

Please download the PDS : https://www.realminvestments.com.au/realm-capital-series-fund.shtml

Application form : https://www.realminvestments.com.au/realm-capital-series-download-application.shtml

Upon completing the application please send me a copy of the application noting you are a Essendon Royals Friends & Family.

Offer is valid until June 30, 2019 only.

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