SEASON 2020 | Essendon Royals open Expressions of Interest for Women's Football Program


Essendon Royals are delighted to open Expressions of Interest (EOI) for women’s football in 2020.

Following the appointment of Jess Gallo as the club’s first-ever Technical Director of Women’s Football, the Royals are seeking EOIs from all prospective female footballers.

Anyone who has previously filled out the club’s Expression of Interest form for community football does not need to fill out this form.

The appointment of Jess as women’s Technical Director and her husband, Mick Gallo, as senior women’s coach, marks the beginning of a new era of women’s football at the Royals, as the club looks to ensure it’s female football program continues to improve.

The Royals have benefited from the growing popularity of women’s football in recent years and these appointments are a sign of the club’s commitment to ensuring it provides its female footballers a fantastic environment for their football.

The form, produced by Jess and Mick, caters for female footballers of all ages.

If you or your daughter is interested in playing football in 2020, please fill out the form using the link below. 

Once your EOI is registered, you will receive updates from the club with respect to the female football program at the Royals in 2020, including any relevant events, trials and other information.