Aldi Mini-Roos Kick Off Program at Essendon Royals!

Register for the Aldi Mini-Roos Kick Off Program at Essendon Royals

Starting on Saturday 21 April 10 am, the Aldi Mini-Roos Kick Off program is open for ages from 4 to 9 and runs for 18 sessions. 


When: Saturday 10 AM
Where: Cross Keys Reserve, Essendon

COST: $350

Additionally purchase our Mini-Roos Membership & Apparel

Mini-Roos Apparel

Our Mini-Roos membership package entitles Mini-Roos participants to the benefits of Membership. Mini-Roos will have be on a preferred pathway to team football. Membership also come with our Mini-Roos Apparel.

The following apparel is provided:

  • Essendon Royals Match Jacket (Navy)

  • Essendon Royals Academy Shirt (red)

  • Essendon Royals Academy Shorts (red)

  • Essendon Royals Socks (red)

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What is Kick Off?

  • A fun, safe sport taught in a friendly environment for children aged between 4 and 9. 
  • Weekly 45 minute sessions that build skills through games and simple drills delivered in an engaging and inclusive environment.
  • Every player gets plenty of time on the ball and the prime aim of each session is for children to build fundamental motor skills.
  • Each child also receives an ALDI MiniRoos Participant Pack when they register – which includes a bag, ball, and a water bottle.

Benefits of Kick Off

  • Make new friends and develop social skills. 
  • Develop values of teamwork, co-operation, fair play, and respect for others. 
  • Develop a child's ability to make quick decisions and improve reaction time.
  • Keep healthy by getting active.

Find out more about Kick Off here.