2018 Essendon Royals Gala Day, Sunday March 18

2018 Gala Day.png

The 2018 Essendon Royals Intra-Club Gala Day is happening this Sunday March 18! Each team will have the chance to play 2 games against another Royals team. It will be a great occasion also for Royals families to get out for the day at Cross Keys amongst the atmosphere of the club. 

We hope that you can be available on the day. Please communicate with your coach and team manager if you are unavailable so they can make the necessary arrangements within their teams.

There is going to be a lot of fun, football and time for learning amongst the teams for players and coaches. Parents and families are invited to come along and cheer their kids!

We will also have the canteen and BBQ running. So if you are thirsty or hungry, hopefully we can help with that!

Fixture for the day

Mini Roos - Pitch 1  
16 Min Halves 5 Min Break

  • 9:00 8B Boys v 9R Boys
  • 9:40 8B Boys v 9B Boys
  • 10:20 8W Boys v 8R Boys
  • 11:00 8W Boys v 8G Girls
  • 11:40 9B Boys v 9G Boys
  • 12:20 8R Boys v 8G Girls
  • 13:00 9R Boys v 9G Boys 

Mini Roos - Pitch 2  
18 Min Halves5 min Break

  • 9:00 10Blk Boys v 10R Boys
  • 9:45 11G Boys v 10R Boys
  • 10:30 10Blk Boys v 10B Boys
  • 11:15 11R Boys v 11G Boys
  • 12:00 11B Boys v 10B Boys
  • 12:45 10W Boys v 10G Boys
  • 13:30 11B Boys v 11R Boys
  • 14:15 10G Boys v 11W Girls
  • 15:00 10W Boys v 11W Girls

Juniors Pitch 1 
20 Min Halves 5 min break

  • 9:00 12B Boys v 12R Boys
  • 9:50 12G Boys v 12B Girls
  • 10:40 12B Girls v 12G Girls
  • 11:30 12G Girls v 12G Boys
  • 12:20 12B Boys v 13R Boys
  • 13:10 12R Boys v 13G Boys
  • 14:00 13B Boys v 14G Boys
  • 14:50 13B Boys v 13R Boys
  • 15:40 15B Boys v 16B Boys
  • 16:30 15B Boys v 17B Boys

Juniors Pitch 2
20 Min Halves
5 min break

  • 9:00 14B Girls v 14G Girls
  • 9:50 14B Girls v 16B Girls
  • 10:40 14G Girls v 14W Boys
  • 11:30 16B Girls v 14G Boys
  • 12:20 13G Boys v 14W Boys
  • 13:10 14B Boys v 15W Boys
  • 14:00 14R Boys v 15G Boys
  • 14:50 14B Boys v 15R Boys
  • 15:40 15W Boys v 15R Boys
  • 16:30 15G Boys v 14R Boys

Arrive Early & Check with your Coach

Please ensure you are aware what time you are playing at. It is likely your coach will ask you to arrive around 60-30 mins prior to game kick off. Please take the time to check the schedule and check with your coach and team manager on any basic questions you may have.

Assisting with Games

This day won't work if we do not have parents helping out to run the games. For each game we need volunteers to help with refereeing and other duties. Please make yourself known to your team coach and team manager if are readily available to help. We have asked each team to organise themselves for each game around the schedule provided above.

For first and last games we will be asking parents and players to help set up and pack up (especially moving goals).


Weather forecast

Due to hot weather there may be some last minute changes on the day. Please watch out for any announcements via email and the club website.

Simon De Leonardis