Preseason Start in Week of Feb 12

Pre-Season Training days & times starting week February 12.

All Pre-Season training is at Cross Keys Reserve.

NOTE: Training starts week of Feb 12. Your training days are starting either:

  • Monday 12th\Wednesday 14th February
  • Tuesday 13th\Thursday 15th February
  • Wednesday 14th\Friday 16th February

If you are unsure of which squad you are in you can check HERE. For U16-20 your squads will not be listed yet. Please come to training on the days\times listed below for your age group. Note that the club has made some changes to squads over the summer. Also remember that the club MAY make changes to your squad in pre-season. All players will be consulted of any squad changes to be made in pre-season but players should be prepared to change squads if asked. 

  • U8 Boys Blue Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Aldo D'Agostino

  • U8 Boys Red Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Jordan Wilis

  • U8 Girls Gold Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Paolo Ciaverellla

  • U8 Boys White Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Steven Petralia

  • U9 Boys Blue Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Lou Torcaso

  • U9 Boys Red Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pmJ ames Silverstein

  • U9 Boys Gold Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm David Cann

  • U10 Boys Blue Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Walied Makdesi

  • U10 Boys Red Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Leigh Bezzina

  • U10 Boys Gold Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Frank Nappo

  • U10 Boys Black Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Shamsi Sawiz

  • U10 Boys White Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Michele Pizza

  • U11 Girls White Wednesday\Friday 7pm Rob Camilleri

  • U11 Boys Blue Monday\Wednesday 5.30pm Max Paladino

  • U11 Boys Red Monday\Wednesday 5.30pm Ted Ball

  • U11 Boys Gold Monday\Wednesday 5.30pm Tony Angelidis

  • U12 Boys Blue Monday\Wednesday 5.30pm Omar Dachs|

  • U12 Boys Red Monday\Wednesday 5.30pm Peter Nerone

  • U12 Boys Gold Monday\Wednesday 5.30pm David Minas

  • U12 Girls Blue Wednesday\Friday 7pm Harry Amiridis

  • U12 Girls Gold Wednesday\Friday 7pm Angelo Lima

  • U13 Boys Blue Tuesday\Thursday 7pm Johnno Clemente

  • U13 Boys Red Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Tony Sesto

  • U13 Boys Gold Monday\Wednesday 7pm Brian Sacco

  • U14 Boys Blue Tuesday\Thursday 7pm Simon De Leonardis

  • U14 Boys Red Tuesday\Thursday 7pm Danny Ravenhill

  • U14 Boys White Wednesday\Friday 7pm Lucas Camilleri

  • U14 Boys Gold Wednesday\Friday 7pm Max Sagulo

  • U14 Girls Blue Wednesday\Friday 5.30pm Bruce Duong

  • U14 Girls Gold Wednesday\Friday 5.30pm Bruce Duong

  • U15 Boys Blue Tuesday\Thursday 5.30pm Mick Giacomi

  • U15 Boys Red Monday\Wednesday 7pm Mark Sabljak

  • U15 Boys White Wednesday\Friday 7pm Paul Ktenas

  • U15 Boys Gold Monday\Wednesday 7pm Frank Siliato

  • U16 B (Boys) Monday\Wednesday 7pm Giles Brading

  • U16 B (Girls) Wednesday\Friday 7pm Nathan Di Natale

  • U17 B (Boys) Monday\Wednesday 7pm Chris Knowles

  • U18 A (Boys) Tuesday\Thursday 7pm Sanjay Suri

  • U20 A (Boys) Tuesday\Thursday 7pm Sam Bazzano