Fairbairn Park

Access on Game Day

Access for Fairbairn Park is for game day only on Sundays with use of 1 field and the pavilion.

The pavilion and cage is accessed with the key card provided by the club. To open gates,doors and cage locks at the pavilion simply tap the card on the locks. The equipment shed is accessed by opening the combo lock with the code below.

Essendon Royals has access to the following facilities at Fairbairn Park:

  • 1 Field (Pitch 1)
  • 2 Change Rooms - Change Room 3 + 4
  • Officials Rooms
  • Cages and Shed - to enter the shed the combo lock code is 01984
  • Club Room

Game Day equipment

Essendon Royals has the following equipment at Fairbairn Reserve:

  • 4 corner flags and posts
  • 2 benches
  • 2 Goal Nets
  • Step Ladder
  • Goal net clips (yellow bag)
  • Goal net pegs & hammer (yellow bag)

Game Day procedure

Opening the facility

  • Open gate to Change Rooms 3 & 4 at the top of the first south side stairs. The gate is opened with the key card provided by the club
  • Latch the gate as gate is affected by wind
  • Open both change rooms 3 & 4. Essendon Royals to use change room 3, away team to use change room 4
  • Open Officials room for referees
  • Retrieve Essendon Royals game day equipment from the shed beneath the pavillion. The shed has a blue combo lock on it. Code above

Closing the facility

  • Removed the nets from the goals along with the goals clips and pegs. Return the pegs to the yellow bag and the clips to the plastic bag and put in yellow bag
  • Place nets in the large white bags
  • Return benches, nets, yellow bag, corner flags and step ladder to the shed
  • Ensure shed is locked with the combo lock
  • Ensure that official's rooms, change rooms, pavilion gate at top of stairs and cage lock are all locked

Fairbairn Park Images