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Mini-Roo Boys U7-U12

Mini-Roos Boys offers of membership to the club have been sent out to over 250 boys. Check your inbox and accept your offer!

Final grading for Kangaroo U11 and U12 squads has just completed and the club is currently assessing player places.

U13-16 Boys

Our final selections sessions for U13-16 Boys A Squads have just completed and the club is assessing player placements.

Provisional squads for U13-16 will be announced along with membership offers in mid-November.

Players who are not offered a spot at the club will be waitlisted. Please note the club is attempting to provide a spot for as many players as possible however due to council restrictions on field usage and actual facility space it is not possible for the club to admit all new players.


We have run a grading session for girls and will be making offers but we have vacancies - please register your interest!

U18, U20 & Senior Men

Limited trials have just completed. The club may announce more trials in due course.

Returning players from U18 & U20: we will be arranging for returning players to be trialed in January 2019 along with any new players who have been selected.

Senior Women

Senior Women & reserve trials will be run in November. Stay tuned for more information!

Register your interest with the club before coming to Trials\Grading

  • New players who want to join the club must register your interest here.

  • Further trials and grading with the club will be by invitation only.

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