Coaches' and Team Management Policy


Essendon Royals is a community football club, who are supported primarily by volunteers. This includes our coaching and team management staff.

The coaching  staff are responsible for teaching and developing the players fundamental skills at training and team play on game days. All coaches also understand and emphasise the fun aspect of the sport as well as the importance of teamwork, discipline, respect for others and fair competition.

Team Managers are integral to the operation of teams and work with the club to enable coaches to focus on coaching!

Assistant coaches are also important and support the team in multiple ways to help the lead coach and the kids gain a better footballing experience.

Working with Children Checks

All Essendon Royals coaches, assistants and team managers are required by law to have a Working With Children. Club Management will work with all teams to ensure that their coaching and team management staff comply with this legislative requirement.

Club Membership

Coaches, assistant coaches and team managers are members of Essendon Royals upon registering with the federation, obtaining an FFA number and then registering with Essendon Royals as a coach or team manager.

Coaching Support

Essendon Royals  are committed to providing the highest level of coaching support to our players as possible. Coaches are the most important part of the club as they are the leaders of their teams, they hugely influence the culture of teams and they greatly contribute and influence our players football learning, experience and development. In order to best support our coaches the club's policy includes the following coach support mechanisms.

The Coaching Panel

The club has a dedicated coaching panel who aim to support and provide direction to coaches as well as contribute to coaching education. The coaching panel is also there to drive club grading and team selection and help determine team grading.

Coach Education, Discounts & Apparel

Coaches will be provided coaching education and are eligible for club discounts and apparel.

The club endeavours to provide support and resources for its coaches, including:

  • Essendon Royals branded coaching apparel including hat, jacket and polo
  • Training kits including training aids, balls and shared equipment
  • An Essendon Royals curriculum as well as access to an extensive coaching library materials
  • Regular coaches skills session run by the club
  • Participation in FFA coaching courses including grass roots courses as well as sponsor coaches for professional pathways.

Without the valuable contribution of all the volunteer coaches and Team Managers, the club could not operate.

Essendon Royals Volunteer Discount Scheme

Lead Coaches

All lead coaches at Essendon Royals qualify for our discount scheme. Coaches who are coaching a child at the club qualify for 1 child's membership fees to be waived.

Coaches who share the lead role qualify for half of their child's membership fees being waived.

Assistant Coaches & Team Managers

Assistant coaches and team managers are not eligible for the Coach Discount Scheme.


Essendon Royals provides apparel options for all club members, volunteers and officials. Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers are able to also access both club discounted apparel and apparel for purchase. The club recognises that apparel is a principle way for people in the community to identify with the club and for the club to openly display its brand. We endeavour to provide our volunteers with as much apparel as possible and with over 100 officials and volunteers this does become a significant cost to the club. The apparel allowance below is for the 2018 season.

Lead Coaches

All lead coaches will be provided with a cap, polo and jacket.

Assistant coaches

Assistant coaches will be provided with a cap.

Team Managers

Team Managers will be provided with a cap and jacket.