The Essendon Royals Academy is set up by age group targeting specific technical skills and abilities.

Academy sessions will begin again in earnest during the season, keep your eyes open for further announcements.

Academy Session design

Our academy sessions will be geared to the skill and development level of our players and age group. The sessions are designed to maximise the opportunity for players to learn and advance their current skill levels to be applied in game situations.

U8-11 Advanced Academy sessions;

  • Defending as individual - 1v1 to 2v2

  • Crossing & Finishing

  • Creating Space - Movement

  • Running with the ball - Attack space with speed

U8-U11 Skill Development Academy sessions;

  • Passing - Playing under pressure

  • Dribbling - Ball mastery & turns

  • Crossing & Finishing

  • Receiving & Turning

U12-15  Advanced Academy sessions;

  • Defending - Pressing in the final third

  • Crossing & Finishing

  • Attacking overloads

  • Creating Space - Support play

U12-U15 Skill Development Academy sessions;

  • 1v1 - Attack players with pace

  • First Touch - Improve touch speed & touch direction

  • Running with the ball - Cutting off opponent

  • Crossing & Finishing